Tropical Ice, founded 40 years ago, is East Africa’s first adventure travel company. We specialise in taking people into the wildest regions on earth, while maintaining the highest standards of luxury. We operate active safaris with a difference, in Kenya, India, Japan and Botswana.

We proudly present our world renowned safaris

We’ve been featured in National Geographic, awarded Trip of the Year by Outside Magazine, and profiled by USA Today.

walking safari

Kenya  14 Days

The Great Walk of Africa

Best Season in June – October

Africa’s definitive walking safari. Hike and game drive along two of the most beautiful rivers that are the home to the biggest elephant herds in Africa.


Kenya  10 Days

Giants of Africa

Best Season in June – October, January – March

A thrilling adventure through Africa’s most breathtaking scenery, into the worlds of three of the most endangered animal giants on our planet: the elephant, black rhino, and the lion


Kenya  13 Days

Kenya’s Wild Frontier

Best Season in June – October

Samburu people live very close to the earth, still following a life pattern that has remained unchanged for over 600 years. It’s time to safari into their world.

Botswana safari

Botswana  12 Days

Okavango Wildlife Safari

Best Season in May – October

What makes Botswana so different is how relaxed the wildlife is around us. Here even the predators allow us to watch as they calmly go about their daily routine.

India  18 (or 14) Days

Wild India!

Best Season in January – April

India has the ability to make one feel alive! To observe a tiger in the jungles of India is one of the most profound experiences the natural world can produce.

Japan  12 Days

Wild Japan!

Best Season in October – November

If your wish is to see “old Japan” and a world of hermits, monks and Shoguns…  and to experience it all on foot, this could be the safari for you.

Our Mission

The concept of Tropical Ice is more important today than it was over 40 years ago when we started. Owing to population expansion, the natural habitat of the world is being threatened today as never before. We know where the places are that one can still find a world unchanged, where roads are few and people fewer.

Our mission is to continue seeking these places out so that we can introduce our visitors to the wilderness we grew up in.

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