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Walking Safari – 11 Day 100 miles (160km)

The subject of New York Times best-selling travel book “The Shadow of Kilimanjaro” by Rick Ridgeway. Outside Magazine’s Trip of the Year (2006/2012)

“The African bush cannot be understood from the roof-hatch of a safari vehicle. One must feel it to learn from it. Tropical Ice’s Great Walk allows one the time to do this. It is the journey that Africa was made for. It delivered for me on many levels: wildlife, landscape, history, and more importantly – a unique peephole into the magnificent soul of the African elephant.”

Bryce Courtenay, author of The Power of One

Africa’s Definitive Walking Safari

Hike and game drive along two of the most beautiful rivers that are the home to the biggest elephant herds in Africa.

Described by some as the greatest African bush experience on the continent, Tropical Ice’s Great Walk of Africa was designated Outside Magazine’s “Trip Of The Year” (2006/2012) and has been featured in National Geographic.

11 Day Walking Safari

On this magnificent 11 day walking safari adventure, you’ll leave the 21st century behind and visit an Africa first seen by the explorers – on foot! You’ll embark upon a 11-day 100 mile (160 kilometre) game tracking walking safari across the wilderness landscapes of Tsavo, which is the largest game park in Africa.

During this spectacular hike, you will gain an understanding and appreciation for wildlife while following game trails

along the Tsavo River, trekking past occasional First World War forts as well as taking in the place where the infamous “Maneaters of Tsavo” halted the British Empire in 1898.

You will hike the entire length of the palm-fringed Galana River which is home to the largest elephant populations in East Africa. This is also the home of the unique maneless male lions. A recent study has shown that the Galana River now has a higher density of lions than the entire northern Serengeti.

Afternoon game drives maximize wildlife encounters for the greatest safari experience possible.

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Upcoming Walking Safaris

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2020 Walking Safari Departures

Arrive Nairobi* Depart Nairobi** Availability
May 31 June 13 Open for bookings
June 14 June 27 2 spaces remaining
June 28 July 11 5 spaces remaining
July 12 July 25 3 spaces remaining
July 26 August 08 6 spaces remaining
August 09 August 22 Open for bookings
August 23 September 05 4 spaces remaining
September 06 September 19 7 spaces remaining
September 28 October 11 Open for bookings

2021 Walking Safari Departures

Arrive Nairobi* Depart Nairobi** Availability
February 7 February 20 Open for bookings
February 28 March 13 Open for bookings

* Plan to arrive into Nairobi on this date before 1400 hrs or you will miss the important group briefing held on this day. We strongly recommend arriving a day early to rest after the long international flight.

** International departure should be planned for anytime after 2200 hrs.
Note: We can easily make any additional hotel bookings for you.
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