Tropical Ice has been guiding groups up Kilimanjaro since 1978 – our summit success rate is over 95%.

Which route do we climb?

  • Approximately 25,000 people attempt Kilimanjaro every year. 15,000 do it by way of the tourist route from Marangu, Tanzania, and most of the remainder attempt it from Machame, Tanzania. We find these routes way too congested, and instead we traverse the mountain up the remote northern slopes from Kenya, over the summit, and descend into Tanzania.

What is so special about our route?

  • It is not as steep as either the Machame Route or the Shira Plateau Route.  Our trail crosses some of Kilimanjaro’s most beautiful country and takes us beneath the spectacular “forgotten” peak of Kilimanjaro – Mawenzi (16,899 feet);  our third camp is situated directly beneath it’s dramatic north face.
  • Few people…. the chances are high that the first time you will see another tourist  on the mountain will be on the 5th day, when our trail converges with other routes just below the summit.
  • ACCLIMATISATION: A subject we regard as very, very important. Our route allows for an extra acclimatisation day at 13,600 feet (our camp below Mawenzi).

What don’t we do on Kilimanjaro?

  • We don’t sleep in huts. We prefer to be in clean, healthy tents.
  • We don’t camp in Kilimanjaro’s crater. We feel this is a dangerous  and unnecessary thing to do.  To sleep over 18,000 feet after being on the mountain for a week or less is breaking every rule of acclimatisation.

Please contact us for details about how we can include a Kilimanjaro climb as part of your safari.

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