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10 day safari – Tsavo, Amboseli – Walking and Game driving

“Thank you so much for a wonderful family safari.  It was just as memorable as the first trip we took with Tropical Ice.  As always, the food was fabulous, the running of the camp flawless, the tents and vehicles in excellent condition. We could not have asked for a better experience.”

– Sue S. from South Carolina

This is a thrilling adventure through Africa’s most breathtaking scenery, into the worlds of three of the most endangered animal giants on our planet: the elephant, black rhino, and the lion.

We concentrate on three world-famous national parks:  Tsavo East, Tsavo West and Amboseli.  In Tsavo East we will see elephants along the remote Galana river, and we can view them both from our specially-designed land rovers, and we can approach them on foot.  From our beautiful private camp on the edge of the river, we will walk in the morning, and game drive in the afternoon.  There is no pressure to hike, as our vehicles and driver/naturalists are always present.   

We are the only organization licensed to conduct walking safaris in a Kenyan national park.

The Galana river is the lifeline for much of the year to countless numbers of species, including giraffe, Cape buffalo, impala, zebra, leopard and cheetah.  It is also the home of one of Kenya’s remaining large lion populations. 

In Tsavo West we will camp in the private protected Ngulia Rhino Sanctuary, located within the greater park.  This sanctuary, which is 40 square miles in size, is the home to approximately 90 Black rhino, virtually the last of the species in Kenya.  We will observe the rhinos from vehicles in the company of local naturalists, and also at night  from an underground bunker, as these giants converge on a nearby waterhole. 

We will journey southwards to Amboseli, at the base of towering Kilimanjaro.  Amboseli is where the most important elephant research has been taking place during the last 60 years. 

We will game drive in this beautiful park, which is home to many species of animals and birds.  

There are two main reasons for being in Amboseli. The first is that even the most mundane animal looks spectacular against a backdrop of the shimmering snows of Kilimanjaro, which rises from the southern edge of the park. You can imagine how an elephant looks! The second reason is that it is here that the most intense study of elephants has taken place over the past 55 years. Started, and still run, by Cynthia Moss, the research station has a 55 year case study of approximately 1,200 elephants. Other biologists have made their mark here. Working under Cynthia, Joyce Poole carried out her elephant communication study in Amboseli, which led to the understanding that elephants can communicate over 6 miles using a low-frequency sound that we cannot hear.

We will game drive across the park and photograph the vast number of species which live in this fascinating ecosystem. Stark desert is interrupted by dazzling clear pools and lakes (which have seeped through from the rains on Kilimanjaro), and are surrounded by exotic vegetation of palms and acacia. These pools are the lifeline of hippo, wildebeest, giraffe, impala, elephant and cape buffalo. Amboseli is also a good place for spotting cheetah and hyena. The bird life in this ecosystem is varied and abundant.

We will spend time with a researcher at Cynthia Moss’ elephant study camp, and learn about Africa’s true monarch of the plains.

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