Why not extend your stay?

Extensions are used by most safari companies as a way of bolstering an existing itinerary, of extending the trip duration in order to make an extra dollar. We at Tropical Ice take pride in our small group of extensions, and we’ve spent a lot of time ensuring that their main purpose is to “complement” the main safari, offering something completely different.

Maasai Mara

For instance, we encourage participants on the Great Walk to consider our Maasai Mara extension for the following reasons: you will see a completely different ecosystem, the rolling grassy savannah of the Mara, which is very different to the dry bush country where your walk will take place. You’ll be able to compare the great herds of Africa, seen from vehicles, with the wilder, more natural game that you will see on foot on your walk.

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At the culmination of a great safari what could be better than a few days at the beach? Problem is, if you’re like us, beach holidays after a short while become about as special as the quality of the book you’re reading. But Lamu island is very different. It gives the visitor an opportunity to combine spectacular beaches with a 1,200 year old culture: the Swahili people. You can visit the town, explore the narrow streets where no vehicles exist, it’s exotic, atmospheric, and truly “complements” your safari experience. And, Peponi Hotel is our favourite in East Africa!

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Our Rwanda extension to see the gorillas is a worthy addition to any itinerary. Hiking through the lower rain forests of the volcanoes to silently view one of the most powerful, gentlest, forms of life on our planet is an experience to be savoured.

Tropical Ice’s extensions should be regarded as enhancements to the safari you have chosen.

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