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CAMEL SAFARI IN KENYA – 13 day trek with the Samburu tribe of Northern Kenya

Tropical Ice’s Camel Safari in Kenya – Game drive, hike and camel ride through three of Kenya’s most dramatic parks, all in typical Tropical Ice luxury. A unique cultural and wildlife experience.

This new camel safari adventure will conveniently fit into a two-week vacation. From Nairobi we will fly up to Ol Malo wildlife conservancy, which is a private 4,500 acre sanctuary, located on the edge of Samburu country. Here we can hike as well as game drive. Elephants, giraffe, zebra and impala abound at Ol Malo, as well as the elusive leopard, greater kudu and African wild dogs.

We then make a short flight to Milgis camp, which will be the base for our five day walking camel safari, into the dramatic landscape which characterises Samburuland. We will move every day using five different camps. There are no roads in this region, and our camels will carry all our luggage and camping equipment.

Our safari will culminate with a flight down to the base of Kilimanjaro. Here we will spend time in a private Tropical Ice camp on the edge of Amboseli national park. This is one of East Africa’s most accessible elephant regions, as well as the home of lion, leopard, wildebeest, hyena, giraffe, cape buffalo, and zebra. To photograph these animals with snowy Kilimanjaro rising as a backdrop, is to capture one of Africa’s most magnificent scenes.

One of the lasting memories our visitors take home from the Great Walk of Africa is the time they spend with our guards: Mohamed, Tioko, Lajori, Washi and Ekutan.

These men, who are all Samburu warriors, contribute so much to our Great Walk, not only by providing security but also in their gentle, self-effacing charisma. They speak little English but have no problems in communicating their intimate knowledge of the bush. Our clients are invariably inquisitive about their world; where do they come from? What do they do during their day? What sort of country do they move in? Why do they carry spears?

Samburu people live very close to the earth, still following a life pattern that has remained unchanged for over 600 years. Tioko, Lajori, Washi and Ekutan represent a people whose traditional style of life is rarely seen on our planet today, and is sadly diminishing due to the  inevitable encroachment of the modern pressures. ‘Kenya’s Wild Frontier’ presents the opportunity to step into their world.

Whether we are operating on the endless plains of Kenya’s Tsavo, or in India, Japan or Botswana, the most important element is our insatiable need to get away from the travelling masses. It isn’t easy these days, and it’s getting harder all the time.

To visit Samburu country in northern Kenya is to leave the pressures of the modern world behind and venture where few tourists tread to experience a true wilderness environment – all the criteria by which Tropical Ice judges a safari to be viable, and where we excel.

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