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18 day safari through India – walking, game driving, tigers, culture

Wild India!

We love India because it makes us feel alive! 

Within minutes of arriving the routines of the mundane western world are thrown to the winds.  Choices aren’t a given in India, you have to jump right in, be brave, and grab every exhilarating moment.  Each day is a new adventure, providing another intriguing piece of a puzzle that has flourished for over 2,000 years.

India is like a living theatre, as daily life in all its forms is played out publicly on the streets and at every street corner.  It’s a land of paradoxes, contradictions, and contrasts of highs and lows, of beauty and despair, of joy and sadness, of wealth and poverty – India has it all in unequal measure. 

Every scene is a beautiful collision of worlds: a yogi or holy man with a mobile phone pressed to his ear; an iPod sitting in the folded arms of a marigold-festooned deity statue; lucky garlands threaded through the front grilles of the ubiquitous Ambassador taxis; sacred cows ambling their way through the traffic, bullock carts, rickshaws, and bicycles, apparently unperturbed by the mayhem around them.

Tropical Ice’s India is all this and more…as we show our guests that India is not simply a country, it’s an ancient civilization, which has endured through myriad conquests.  On our passage through it, we will tell you about the Mughal and British history, and you will see the stunning architecture, which these empires left behind.  We will head to the hills, both lowland and highland.  In the former we will search for the Bengal tiger, both on foot and from jeeps; in the latter we will see and hike in these Himalayan lowlands.

Iain Allan, the founder of Tropical Ice, wrote the following:

“The genesis of this safari was in 2005 when I made my first visit to India with my family.  I’ll always remember that first sighting of a tiger in Kanha; I wasn’t prepared for the sheer size of the animal, it seemed so much larger than any lion I’d ever seen.  We were part of a small vulture study group, and we visited places where few tourists travelled.  Walking/trekking has always taken place in northern India but I wondered about the potential for a long walk in the lower-lying country that would have a wildlife emphasis.

I returned in April 2011 and February 2012, and slowly the trip began to come together: a combination of a walking safari across one of India’s lesser known parks; searching for tigers; a visit to Shimla, the old summer home of The Raj, nestled in the lower foothills of the Himalayas. In short “India for the discerning traveller”, a safari cut out for those who have enjoyed the Great Walk of Africa.

Our safari will be in the true Tropical Ice style that we’ve honed over 40 years in business.  The accommodation will be superb.  In Delhi we’ll stay in the beautiful Imperial Hotel; we’ll be in private camps during our four-day walk in Satpura; and we’ll stay in small eco-lodges, whilst searching for tigers in Kanha and Bandavgarh.  In Shimla, we’ll stay in the magnificent Wildflower Hall.

Like our safaris in Kenya, our new venture in India will be as far from “mainstream” as it’s possible to get.”

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“After your safari with Tropical Ice you will say two things: This was the trip of a lifetime… and I will be back…”

– Peter Werbel, Squaw Valley CA, USA

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2023 Departures

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**You should plan to depart Delhi after 2200 hrs on the final day.
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