Your Safari Is Now 100% Carbon Neutral!

Your Safari Is Now 100% Carbon Neutral!

And even better, we’ve offset the carbon in a way that conserves the animals you are coming to see!

Iain’s boys, James and Duncan, who many of you will have been on safari with, recently started a carbon offsetting business called Koobi. It’s so exciting to see them making a go of it using James’ scientific background and Duncs’ marketing skills. And to put those educations, which Iain has had to do 90 Great Walks to pay for, to good use!

James and Duncan have calculated the carbon emissions of our Tropical Ice safaris and we will offset all future trips with carbon credits purchased through Koobi. We’ve even factored in your flight over.

Koobi is the first carbon offsetting company 100% dedicated to wildlife conservation. So all of their carbon credits are produced in ways that conserve animals. Their current portfolio protects migratory routes and habitat for big tusked elephants in Kenya; chimpanzees in Tanzania; and lions in Zambia! So we are essentially fighting climate change while simultaneously doing conservation.

At Tropical Ice we’ve always prided ourselves on having one of the lowest carbon footprints in the safari industry. We walk more than we drive, use sustainably grown firewood, and we purchase our food off the best local farms. But this now takes us to complete carbon neutrality, something we are really proud of.

We’re sick and tired of watching governments make hollow promises, and drag their feet on climate action, so we’ve decided to take things into our own hands. You can too! Koobi’s main offering is a monthly subscription, where for the cost of a cup of coffee per week, you can offset your own personal carbon footprint with their fantastic wildlife carbon credits. It’s all on their website.

Iain, Alex, and many other members of the Tropical Ice community have already signed up and are living carbon neutral lives to protect the wilderness they love. And now they are running carbon neutral safaris…

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