Why 2020 will be an amazing year…

Why 2020 will be an amazing year…


Our final departure of the Great Walk of Africa in early October last year was caught out by unexpected rains. These unseasonal rains continued spectacularly throughout October, November, and December, and we are still in this early new year, experiencing sporadic rainfalls, which at best can only be described as unusual.
These rains are a result of the Indian Ocean Dipole, which is an irregular oscillation of sea-surface temperatures in which the western Indian Ocean becomes warmer, and the eastern part colder. While Australian temperatures soar, East Africa is blitzed by unrelenting rain. The Australian tragedy which is unfolding now is well-known; the impact on the infrastructure of East African countries less so.
Our rains are subsiding, and unlike Australia, we will be able to take some positives from it. Both Tsavo West and Tsavo East national parks, across which our Great Walk of Africa traverses, has experienced phenomenal rains, the parks are gloriously green, and in bloom, and we are now looking forward to what will be an incredible Great Walk season starting in early June.
walkers watching elephant
Tropical Ice has seen a lot of seasonal changes in Tsavo during our 41-year history, and we know that Great Walks, which follow periods of substantial early-year rainfall have always been super-productive. In simple terms, the wildlife is drawn into the region we walk through: the grass along the river banks is more succulent, the nuts on the doum palms more nourishing for elephants.
Buffalo herd

The Great Walk of Africa 2020 will be huge!!!

And we don’t see it stopping there. These conditions will continue into 2021 and we have added two special departures in February next year. Bookings are open now, trips are filling up, so don’t miss out on your departure of choice.
The Great Walk of Africa is all about elephants and lions, and countless attendant species. Being on foot, miles from a vehicle, in complete safety, seeing and learning about these animals, offers for many, some of the greatest moments in their lives. This is why we have a long list of visitors who have returned to do the walk again… and again. And why not? It’s different every time.

2020 Departures

May 31st – June 13th
June 14th – June 27th
June 28th – July 11th
July 12th – July 25th
July 26th – August 8th
August 9th – August 22nd
August 23rd – September 5th
September 6th – September 19th
September 28th – October 11th

2021 Departures

February 7th – February 20th
February 28th – March 13th

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