We’re Moving Again!

We’re Moving Again!

Come and Join Us…

On June 6 Tropical Ice will launch our summer Great Walk of Africa safaris. Most of our departures have some spaces available, so we are geared up for last minute sign-ups.

Last month Iain flew to the United States and found the whole process of international flying very manageable. He was there for a month, and the following observations might be of interest to any intrepid ‘would be’ travellers out there.

  • This summer every major national park in North America will be seething with crowds – they already are – and it’s really not very pleasant. On the Great Walk of Africa, you won’t see another person in Tsavo for 12 days, only masses of natural wildlife.
  • Choose your airline carefully. We recommend that you place your flying miles on the shelf for a year or so. Now is a time to fly with the most efficient carriers, rather than the ones which might be linked to your frequent flying miles. We would recommend flying with airlines such as Emirates and Qatar through Dubai and Doha, over those which route through Europe. They are presently more efficient, and make for far easier transit movements than do European and American airlines. There are direct flights from most major airports in America to Dubai and Doha; Nairobi is only a short flight from these airports.

You will require a Covid PCR test within 96 hours of arriving in Nairobi. The test is no big deal, and you should be able to find a point close to you where this can be done. You will be surprised just how easy it is to arrive in Nairobi Airport. At the end of your safari, you will require a covid test within 72 hours of departure. This is very easy to navigate in Nairobi, and Tropical Ice will help arrange this for you. You do not need to extend your stay for this

  • On the Great Walk of Africa, you will be in a covid-free bubble. All of our staff have been vaccinated.

We’re ready for you! Time to make a move…

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