Trying To Stay Positive…

A note from a certifiable cynic:

As I shake off the disappointment following the climate change talks in Glasgow, I ask myself: was anything tangible achieved? Passionate speeches, unmatched degree of activism and protests, and “unprecedented reference to fossil fuels” (apparently participants of previous such meetings were not aware that burning fossil fuels has a link to CO2 emissions). Really?!!! Is that all that our world “leaders” can come up with? It may be that this is the agreement that will finally propel governments into action, but somehow…I doubt that.

I have always been a believer in doing what I can, while supporting bigger conservation efforts: buy less, waste less, and clean up after yourself. It really is not that difficult. I brought this approach to Tropical Ice, when I joined 20 years ago and we have been pretty good about staying true to the cause. This year Iain’s boys, James & Duncan, launched a little company with a big idea: to funnel much needed funds into carefully selected conservation projects around the world. This way, at least little pockets of wild nature will remain as the world waits, and waits, and waits for action against self-destruction. They raise this money through conscious people paying for the carbon they burn. It’s simply cleaning up after yourself. Their company is called Koobi Carbon.

We calculated the amount of carbon a client on one of our safaris burns and decided that we need to offset it too. From January 1st, 2022, every Tropical Ice client will have a carbon neutral trip. This includes the carbon burnt on a return flight from anywhere to Kenya, India, Japan or Botswana (places we currently run safaris). We are not naive, we know that this isn’t going to change the world or halt global warming but we also know for a fact that it will have tangible results. Money will go to protect elephants, chimps, lions and their ecosystems since each ton of carbon offset also equates to two hectares of wildlife habitat conserved. More than “leaders” of 200 nations can say after two weeks of haggling.

Trying to stay positive by doing the right thing.


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