Tropical Ice’s World Can Be Yours in 2017

Tropical Ice’s World Can Be Yours in 2017

Africa’s greatest walk is waiting for you

A note from Iain:

“I’m sure many of you will agree with me when I say that 2016 was something of a roller-coaster ride for a great number of us. It ended for me however, on two big high notes: my daughter Jodie, whom many of you have met on safari through the years, and her husband, Avan,produced my first grandchild, Eve, shortly before Christmas. She was born in Melbourne. We here in Kenya haven’t met her yet, but we will be heading to Australia as soon as our three big India safaris are completed in mid-March.

The second high note, which came at the end of the year, was China’s declaration that they will be banning the trade in ivory by the end of 2017. I have no idea why they can’t do it now, but this is better than nothing, and we can only hope that Africa’s elephants have been thrown a lifeline.

A weakness of mine, at the start of each new year, is a tendency to reflect on where we are at present, and where we are headed in the future. It was towards the end of 1977, almost forty years ago, that I first had the idea of creating a new kind of African adventure travel company here in Kenya. My intention was to take people into new regions, not just in a geographical sense, but to stretch their minds as to what they felt they could do. I believe we achieved this with great success. Whether it was on the vertical faces of Mount Kenya, the endless scree slopes of Kilimanjaro, or facing off against elephants, lions, buffalo and hippo in the bush of Tsavo…we have shown people new, unfamiliar worlds, and in doing so we’ve taught them a lot about themselves. We’ve done it with a great deal of calculated thought, and we’ve done it safely. At the same time we’ve given most of our visitors a truly unforgettable vacation.

And, I can say unequivocally that today I experience the same thrill that I did forty years ago when I am standing beside the Galana river in Tsavo watching a nearby family of unsuspecting elephants. Or when I’m sitting in a jeep in India and a tiger appears out of the thick jungle beside me.

We’re still doing it right, and we have exciting safaris ahead…Alex and I will be guiding our Great Walk of Africa safaris between June and mid-October this year (see below for information regarding our remaining spaces); we’ll shortly be producing our 2018 India dates; and much more in 2018, including great walks in another new country!!!”



Places are still available on some departures this coming summer. Join us for the greatest adventure in Africa: An 11 day, 100 mile hike across Tsavo West and East National Parks, following the Tsavo and Galana rivers, home of one of Africa’s largest remaining elephant and lion populations.

June 4 – 16:                      4 places remaining

June 18 – 30:                    Open

July 2 – 14:                       Open

July 30 – Aug 11:             Full

August 13 – 25:                Full

August 27 – Sept 8:       Full

Sept 10 – 22:                    4 places remaining

Sept 24 – Oct 6:             5 places remaining

For further details and prices please contact us directly.

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