Tropical Ice features in latest issue of Travel Africa magazine!

Tropical Ice features in latest issue of Travel Africa magazine!

Iain writes…

I recall distinctly the moment where the Great Walk of Africa idea first took place. It was 2001, Alex Fiksman and I were sitting at the bar of The Talisman restaurant in Nairobi (it was called Escobar’s back then so you can get an idea of the sort of place it was), discussing new safari ideas. Alex was relatively new to Tropical Ice at that time, and he was slowly easing himself into the business. Back then, most of our safari itineraries covered all the big parks of Kenya, and inevitably included a hike up Mount Kenya at the start, and culminated with a five-day walk down one of the rivers in Tsavo East or West national park. I had been operating these walking safaris for about twenty years. At some point there came about a Hillary/Tenzing moment, by which I mean neither ever divulged who stood on Everest’s summit first, it simply wasn’t important to them. I don’t remember which one of us thought about joining our two five-day walking safaris together in Tsavo to create the Great Walk of Africa but together we did. The rest is, as they say, history.

Since then there hasn’t been an occasion when Alex and I didn’t make major Tropical Ice policy decisions together. It worked out with me guiding the Great Walks while he ran the office, moving us into the technological age, something that still baffles me today; and during the past decade as I grappled with serious knee surgeries, Alex stepped in with customary aplomb to take over the guiding reins while I recovered, learning very quickly the world of walking in the Tsavo bush. Today, we alternate the majority of Great Walk departures. Why am I saying all this? Well, it is simple really. The interesting article below, which has just come out in Travel Africa magazine suggests that it is “Iain Allan’s Great Walk of Africa”. Well, I hope you can see now that it isn’t. Everything about Tropical Ice, and the Great Walk of Africa, is a team effort; from Joyce and the office staff, our mechanics in the workshop who toil daily on our vehicles keeping them up to scratch, to our amazing staff who move the Great Walks down the rivers.

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