Tropical Ice Can Change You Forever…And Always In The Best Of Ways

We’ve just completed an amazing season! Our visitors this past summer have been predominantly from the United States, and with them, we have walked the width of Tsavo West and East National Parks on six Great Walk of Africa safaris; we have also inaugurated our first Wild Frontier safari, where we visited Kenya’s far north, and hiked through the Ndoto mountains, using camels to carry our food and equipment, and camped beneath the snows of Kilimanjaro in Amboseli National Park, home to a huge elephant population.

Our award-winning Great Walk of Africa continues to soar in popularity, and there’s no reason why it shouldn’t: There is simply no other safari in Africa quite like it. Every Great Walk is different, and this is why we have so many folks returning to do it a second or third time. From Tropical Ice’s point of view, every year seems to produce spectacular fresh experiences. This year we saw two octogenarians (86 years old), complete every step of the 10 day, 100 mile safari; it was nothing less than inspiring to watch; we had our first ever walking encounter with African Hunting Dogs (Painted Wolves), who allowed us to approach very close to them; while the elephant and lion viewing was better than we’ve ever seen before.

As so often happens, the Great Walk produced moments, which are rarely seen on a typical African safari. One such event was when we found a bull elephant, which had died naturally on our trail, with tusks that weighed in at 58 pounds each. We were able to collect them and safely transfer them to the Park HQ.

Please enjoy some of these highlight images from last season…and, don’t forget that we are taking bookings now for our 2022 Great Walk of Africa.
Don’t miss out!

James Allan with tusks we found along out Great Walk trail.

Africa’s rare Painted Wolves seen for the first time by Great Walk hikers…first time ever!

Henry Aronson, 86 years old, hikes the final yards to the finishing gate, having walked every yard of 100 miles across wild Africa.


For some, it’s all about getting back to nature. A stalwart client leads the way in the remote, beautiful, Ndoto Mountains.

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