The Great Walk of Africa 2020

The Great Walk of Africa 2020


In 1953 the English writer Graham Greene wrote “…I was aware first, as always in Kenya, of the huge expanse of sky and the terraces of clouds. Never was a land so wrapped in air.” Greene could have been specifically describing vast Tsavo, one of the last of East Africa’s truly wild regions, and where our Great Walk of Africa follows two of Africa’s spectacular rivers for 10 days.
The Great Walk is all about space; huge skies and animal inhabited rolling plains described by Karen Blixen as “Africa without any fat.” Tsavo gathers more importance every year, for it is the significant home of the elephant, a species whose future can no longer be guaranteed.
Elephants require space, and Tsavo delivers this to them. The Great Walk of Africa takes our visitors into the heartland of the elephant world, where you will discover their unsurpassed intellect, and learn about the complexities of their intricate social behaviour. It will be learning through action, for you will experience them whilst on foot.
And they are worth experiencing. We recently visited the Amboseli Trust Research Station where a group of our visitors met with Cynthia Moss, the world’s elephant authority, who has studied this magnificent animal for over fifty years. One thing she said, in particular, which resonated with everyone present, “elephants are kind to each other, they are nice…unlike us.
You will stay in 7 beautiful camps along our route, and eat our wonderfully healthy food, the subject of an article in Gourmet Traveller magazine. On the Great Walk of Africa you will see lion, buffalo, hippo, zebra, giraffe, impala, oryx, gazelles and perhaps the elusive leopard and cheetah. You will probably see no other people and this alone is perhaps worth the price of admission.
We still have spots available on our 2020 summer departures (see dates below), please contact us for details.
2020 Departures
May 31st – June 13th
June 14th – June 27th
June 28th – July 11th
July 12th – July 25th
July 26th – August 8th
August 9th – August 22nd
August 23rd – September 5th
September 6th – September 19th
September 28th – October 11th
2021 Departures
February 7th – February 20th
February 28th – March 13th

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