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We’re delighted to have received this letter from Susan Grimes, who took part in one of our Great Walk of Africa, walking safaris last year.  We are also ecstatic over the fact that our walking safari allowed her to draw the inspiration to take part in the BLACK LIVES MATTER march in Washington DC recently.  Great work, Susan!


Dear friends,

I am remembering that last year at this time we were having the adventure of a lifetime hosted by the wonderful Tropical Ice team.  In the last year,  I have thought about our trip every day and continue to feel uplifted by it.  Here are a few pics of us.

Great walk of Africa

Great walk of Africa


As protests grip Washington DC and our country today, I debated what to do.  I whined about the heat and dangers of joining in.  Then I laughed at myself and thought what’s a few miles in 90 degree heat and at least I don’t have to cross that river!  I walked down to  16th Street where our mayor painted the street in gigantic BLACK LIVES MATTER letters.  The protests were peaceful and fluid, going on in several parts of the city.  Protesters were masked and the DC national guard was kind and unarmed.  I didn’t stay long but wanted to be part of the head count.  I’ve included a pic in which you can see the yellow paint on 16th St,  St. John’s Church, The Washington Monument, and, just barely, the roof of the White House (which has been surrounded with fencing and concrete barriers – what a wuss, huh?)   The only thing wrong with the photo is that the fellow in the forefront is wearing a Washington Redskins t-shirt and, of course, the team name is thought by many to be racist.   I’m sure his heart is in the right place – we all have a lot to learn, right?



A thank you to you and Alex about the wonderful trip is long overdue.  I can’t say enough about the Great Walk; it was a near perfect experience.  I felt completely secure in your hands which allowed me to enjoy it even more and I loved getting into the groove of the walk which was so meditative.  Thank you for this experience!

Anyway, I just wanted you to know I was thinking of you today and remembering our camaraderie in the best way.  I hope you and yours are safe.



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