Stretch Your Limits Of Curiosity In 2018!!!

Stretch Your Limits Of Curiosity In 2018!!!

Join Tropical Ice As We Celebrate Our 40th Anniversary…

Looking back over 40 years of business, the immediate thing which comes to mind is that we must be doing something right, for statistics show that few small businesses reach this age.  There are several reasons why Tropical Ice has gone the distance.  Firstly, we have concentrated our trips in fabulous places, and never compromised the term “wild”.  Being out in the wilderness has never been a chore for us, our guides and naturalists want to be there, and if we had no clients they would still be out there, because they love it.  Their unbounded enthusiasm comes across loud and clear to all our visitors.

We started the concept of “adventure travel” in East Africa, initially on the high mountains – snow on the equator;  then to the unspoiled lowland bush country – home of the great elephant herds; and more recently to the less frequented regions of India.  As the term “adventure” softened with time, and the larger adventure travel companies in the United States and Europe became more mainstream, Tropical Ice stuck with what we knew we were good at:  giving our visitors an inkling into world’s they had only read about in old story books and films, and expertly guiding them safely into these places.  We knew that in our world, the rewards of the journey can only be appreciated with the input of some physical effort.  Watching wild animals from a vehicle is to observe; watching them whilst on foot is to participate.

The concept of Tropical Ice has always been to stretch people’s imaginations and satisfy their curiosity.  And from the start we’ve known that one can do this without compromising comforts.  Our camps are stylish and large; our food is gourmet; our staff are meticulous; and when we intermix our trips with hotels we use only 5-star.

In October 1978 we operated our first safari.  It was an American group, and they were escorted by Tenzing Norgay, who along with Edmund Hillary, first stood on the summit of Everest.  We got off to a great start…and we’ve kept going, doing what we are best at.  And, we’ll be around for a lot longer…new horizons beckon!

Make 2018 your year to finally experience one of our Big Three safaris: The Great Walk of AfricaA Passage Through IndiaKilimanjaro & Beyond.  And, if you did an African safari with us years ago, come back and join us again, the experience is different every time…help us to celebrate our 40th birthday!


(Outside Magazine’s Trip Of The Year 2006; and Must do “Bucket List” trip 2012)

Africa’s definitive walking safari!  If your wish is to get out into wildest Africa, into an elephant wonderland, this is the trip for you.  A 10 day walk following the beautiful palm-fringed Tsavo and Galana rivers, home to lion, leopard, giraffe, zebra, gazelle, buffalo and hippo…and one of Africa’s largest remaining elephant populations.  We hike in the mornings, and game drive in the afternoons.  Stay in our beautiful private camps, eat our award-winning food.  Every departure personally guided by either Iain or Alex.

2018 departure dates:

June 3 – 16;

June 17 – 30;

July 8 – 21;

July 22 – August 4;

August 5 – 18;

August 19 – September 1;

September 2 – 15;

September 16 – 29

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We’ve just completed three very successful trips in India.  The weather was fabulous, the tiger sightings were the best ever (Trip 1 saw 8 tigers; Trip 2 saw 9; and Trip 3 saw 8).  Sally Small and her husband Sandy, who were on the first trip this year later wrote…


Dear Iain,
A Passage Through India was a trip of a lifetime.  We saw some of the great rivers of India, hiked down one of them, camping elegantly along the way.  (It isn’t really “roughing it” when you have a crew of thirty setting up your tent, preparing hot showers, lighting your lanterns, tucking a hot water bottle into your bed every night, cooking delicious dinners and picnics.)

We travelled through rural India by train and by car, saw the rich farmlands of wheat and lentils, the tidy villages, the school children in crisp uniforms.  We met people,  visited Hindu temples and mosques.  We learned what Rudyard Kipling’s jungle really looked like, a dry, deciduous forest.  We tracked tiger, leopards, sloth bear, saw stunning bird life, retreating every night to gorgeous eco-lodges, where we were greeted with leis of marigolds and lemon-scented towels.

We visited the hill country, the precipitous foothills of the Himalayas, hiked through terraced farms and apple orchards, talked to farmers.  We learned a little about the Raj, saw Kipling’s Simla, with all its pomp and preposterousness.  We stayed in luxurious historic hotels.  Imagine a beautiful hot pool with a view of the Himalayas at the end of a day!

Your staff gave us insights into Hinduism, history, architecture, flora and fauna.  They taught us how to say “namaste” correctly, tie a dhoti, what we were eating, how to eat it.  (The food was delectable).  They showed us how to track a tiger’s pug marks, how to identify alarm calls in the jungle.  They were charming, helpful, patient and funny.

Your trip taxed our intellect and our stamina, and we wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

Thank you.

2018 departure dates:
(Iain or Alex guide every departure)

January 28- February 15;

February 18 – March 8;

March 11 – 29

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(Alex guides both departures)

40 years ago we made our name with this trip, and it has continued to retain it’s classic status.  We believe it is a long way to travel just to climb Kilimanjaro, there is so much more to see.  We’ve therefore bookended the climb with two night’s in Amboseli National Park, at the base of the mountain.  There is nothing like photographing an animal with Kilimanjaro rising majestically behind it.  And, two days of hiking along the Galana river in Tsavo East National Park after the climb, where you can safely get up close to elephants and other iconic African species.  As for the mountain, well we traverse the peak from north to south, ascending the less travelled northern route to the summit.

2018 departure dates:

June 24 – July 7;

September 23 – October 6

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