Social Distancing – Kenya Style… with Tropical Ice!

Social Distancing – Kenya Style… with Tropical Ice!

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Photo credit Anand RJ
“Stuck inside these four walls,
Sent inside forever,
Never seeing no one
Nice again like you…”
Paul McCartney, Band On The Run, 1973
Dear Friends,
Firstly, and most importantly, we would like to thank so many of you out there for having the faith in us and our future, to have us hold your deposits, or roll them back to another date either later this year, or in 2021. It has helped us enormously, and you can be sure we will be here to give you an outrageously wonderful safari experience. More than 95% of you have done this. Thank you! All of you who are seeing this through with us will be exempt from any price increases until the end of 2021.

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We know what so many of you are going through, and especially our friends in New York, our hearts go out to you. Isn’t this a strange time? The way the days seem to slip into each other, weekends and weekdays no longer have any meaning; Easter approaches, Easter passes…how quickly annual landmarks lose their significance. Time should be passing slowly but it really isn’t. I exercise, write, read, listen to music, and watch the next episode of Ozark. In the evening a little Japanese single malt helps. Many of our visitors have noticed that having time to “think” is one of the great positives of our Great Walk of Africa safari. I’m no philosopher but it seems obvious to me that whether you are partially or completely locked down, the
important thing is to make this time work for you, and use it to really think about our lives and future improvements in them.
There is growing evidence to support the fact that our planet is taking advantage of this human lockdown to rejuvenate: For the first time in 70 years the snows of the Himalayas are being seen from a little north of Delhi; the almost extinct Barasingha (swamp deer) have been seen in the empty suburbs of Nagpur in central India; African wildlife is thriving without human interference; and even the birdlife in many of our gardens is increasing in numbers we haven’t seen in years. Wouldn’t it be nice if when all this is over, we honoured this “cleansed” world differently?
As you can see from the photograph at the top everything in Kenya is taking social distancing seriously! Our focus is on keeping in shape so we can hit Tsavo running the moment we can. Alex’s Wild India safari was cut short by four days, and he managed to get back into Kenya on one of the last airplanes flying. He was quarantined at home for two weeks, and is seldom seen without a kettle-bell in his
hands. I am on my way to Cape Town. Not on the roads, but on my exercise bicycle, and right now I’m somewhere north of Arusha in northern Tanzania. I’ve also discovered “planking”…god, it hurts!
For those of you searching for something to do, we thought it would be nice if those of you who have taken part in one of our safaris during the past two years could send us your five best images. The safari can be either the Great Walk, or India, Botswana or Japan. We’ll place the best on our Facebook page and credit it to you. Please feel free to comment.
elephants Kenya
That’s it for now folks…hang in there, it’ll be over eventually, and our refreshed unpolluted world awaits us.
Stay safe…and wash your hands!
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