Launch of Wild India! 2021

Tropical Ice has just completed our first departure of Wild India in 2020. Our second departure is now taking place. This is our 9th year running safaris in India, and they just keep getting better and better.
We could describe to you all the wonders and diversity of our Wild India trip: vibrant people, ancient cultures, landscape, history…and tigers, but there’s probably no better way than to read this extract from the Live Travel Blog, which Iain wrote during his recently completed safari. 
We enter the forest, the sun has come out, it truly is beautiful, and there is a different atmosphere, for the first time I have a strong feeling, everything might be right, could come together. We have an interesting moment, a pair of Indian Wild Dogs playing on a field to our right. At any other time this would be a highlight, but for the moment they aren’t our focus.
The afternoon wears on and as we approach a junction we hear the alarm call of a spotted deer. Our three jeeps stop and listen. Deer don’t make warning calls without a reason, only if a leopard or a tiger is close by. We leave two jeeps in position at the junction, and the one I am in continues slowly along the dirt track. We’ve gone about a mile, when from the bushes to our left we hear a loud sambar deer alarm call. It is, at the most, only about forty feet away. Then another call suddenly erupts from our right. We make a u-turn and race back down the road to the junction to alert the other jeeps, and then ten minutes later we are all in position at the spot where we heard the alarms.
Within a minute of arriving it all comes together, as a massive tigress emerges from the bushes and crosses the road, calmly walking between the vehicles, and into the jungle on our right. She disappears then we hear the meowing of kittens, there’s movement in the bushes as she emerges once again and walks back across the road, four cubs cautiously following her. It is a magnificent sight. Everyone sees it, camera shutters rattle like machine guns, capturing what could be the ultimate sighting the forest can produce. The cubs are four or five months old. The fact that they have all survived proving what an amazing mother she is.
After the show is over, as we drive down the road, back towards the park gate, I find myself in the state of mind I’m always in after seeing a tiger: Did I dream that or did it really happen? I ask Karan, our Mr Fixit on our India safaris, if he ever feels the same way. He knows exactly what I’m talking about. For him. It never gets old.

Read more about our wonderful Wild India! trip by clicking on the Travel Blog link below,
We are now taking bookings for February and March 2021. Our dates next year are:
February 14 – March 4
March 7 – 25

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