Join us on a special Safari into Kenya’s remote Ndoto Mountains

Join us on a special Safari into Kenya’s remote

Ndoto Mountains

January 9th – 22nd, 2022

If we learned anything from 2020 it was the overwhelming desire to get far away from people, into wild open-spaces, to the remotest country we could find.  Our quest took us far into northern Kenya, to the spectacular Ndoto Mountains.  For six days we hiked through this breathtakingly beautiful land, in the company of Samburu warriors, using camels to pack-in our personal belongings, food and camping equipment.  It gave new meaning to the cliché “time stood still”.


We slept in super-comfortable tents, ate the food of kings, and sipped on cold beers and chilled white wine well into the starry nights.


We aren’t going to describe the Ndoto’s to you, we’ll let our photos do that.  Suffice to say, that after what we’ve all been through this past year, we owe it to ourselves to experience this awesome “land which time forgot”.


Our “WILD FRONTIERS” safari will begin with 3 nights in a Tropical Ice mobile camp in Shaba/Buffalo Springs National Parks, home to elephants, lions, cheetahs, and most other African animals you’ve only ever dreamed about.  We will then move to the Ndoto Mountains for our walking safari.  The culmination of “WILD FRONTIERS” will be 3 nights camping in Amboseli National Park, beneath the snows of Kilimanjaro, and one of East Africa’s most important elephant parks.


“You owe yourselves this one…”

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