It’s All About You…

It’s All About You…

(If any Millennials are reading please note this will only take 1 minute and 40 seconds to read!)
This is a different type of newsletter because instead of talking about ourselves and how wonderful our safaris are, this time we’d rather talk about YOU.
We all know that every book on “the art of running a business” describes how important it is to always give off the impression one’s business is doing well, even if the truth is the opposite of this. If your company is two weeks away from bankruptcy, your answer to the question “how are you doing?” should always be “Glad you asked that…our profits for the last year have been through the roof.” Well, we’re going to break this trend, and admit to you truthfully that the last twelve months have been an enormous challenge for us. The pandemic has brought those of us in the international tourism and travel industries virtually to our knees. If anyone tells you otherwise they are lying to you.
Tropical Ice has come through it but it has been touch and go. We’ve somehow managed to keep the company going, and we haven’t had to lay off any of our Kenyan staff. We haven’t even had to cut their monthly salaries.
How have we managed to do this? Well, the answer is a simple one, it’s because of YOU. This is why we want to take this opportunity to sincerely thank all of you who have stood behind us during this period. We especially want to thank everyone who had the faith in us not to ask for deposit refunds, and roll your money back to 2021. About 98 per cent of you did this, and it has enabled us to be in a position of strength and readiness to kick off our Great Walk of Africa season in early June.
And we are starting to see bright lights at the end of the tunnel. The vaccine programs are in full swing, and finally giving us renewed confidence. Those of us who have felt imprisoned during 2020 are now ready to burst out and get into wide open spaces again. And, our bookings are looking very healthy. We currently only have a few spaces remaining on our Great Walk departures in 2021. Our new Wild Frontier safari early next January, and our first India departure the following month are both fully booked.
Tropical Ice can’t wait to move forward…THANK YOU all again for making this possible.


We still have a few spaces remaining on the following Great Walk of Africa safaris:
June 06 – June 19 – 3 spaces remaining
June 20 – July 3 – open for bookings
July 4 – July 17 – 2 spaces remaining
July 18 – July 31 – 2 spaces remaining
August 1 – August 14 – fully booked
August 15 – August 28 – 2 spaces remaining
August 29 – Sept 11 – 2 spaces remaining
September 12 – September 25 – fully booked
September 26 – October 9 – open for bookings

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