Talking Point – In this time of Covid-19

Talking Point – In this time of Covid-19


In this time of Covid-19, I’ve been wondering if other people are finding the general media, and especially major television networks, as annoying as I am. Here in Kenya our main news outlets are BBC World, CNN International (usually better than CNN Domestic), SKY and Al Jazeera. With the slight exception of Al Jazeera, all of these networks share one thing in common: Morbidity! The need to focus on doom and gloom, without any balance of reason and proportion.

If anyone out there is in agreement with me, I’m wondering if you’ve ever wondered why our News is like this. Is it a reflection of what we have become? Or is it a reflection of what the media thinks we’ve become? Are all of us really buying into their claptrap? Are we missing something here, folks? If you aren’t then you deserve what you’re getting; if you are then you know it’s insulting our intelligence.

When I switch on CNN International, within ten minutes my brain has become frazzled into sludge. I, frankly, have no idea what to think! I’ve been subjected to endless words from “experts” I’ve never heard of before. Where do these “experts” hail from? Are they spewed out daily from some academia assembly line? It’s obvious they’ve been primed by the networks. Can’t you just hear some tight-suit in the background saying “Keep positivity to a minimum…the negative makes for much more exciting news…when in doubt for something to say hit them with The Second Wave of the virus…that scares the shit out of them, and keeps them tuned!” Am I being overly cynical? You know, I don’t think I’m far off the truth.

Look, all I’m searching for is some kind of balance? When they give us the daily statistics of how many people have tested positive worldwide for Covid-19 and how many have died…would it be too much to ask if we could see the figures for how many normal flu deaths there have been in this time frame, and how many heart attacks, cancers, strokes, and normal natural old-age deaths have occurred? Al Jazeera has been a little better in this region of news. They also are ahead of the game because they remind us of the fact that there are other things happening in the world as well.

My main reason for spilling all this out is that I truly believe there are millions of people out there who are literally hanging onto every word being said on BBC World, CNN International and SKY. And, this simply isn’t healthy! Watch any of these networks for ten minutes and you would be excused for thinking that a positive diagnosis of Covid-19 was a death sentence. True? Absolutely! It isn’t in their best interest to keep reminding us that 98.5% of us are going to survive it, because that’s simply not “good news”.

My advice is stay clear of Network Drivel, and focus on your own common sense! And, if I have to watch that sanctimonious little creep Dr Sanjay Gupta show me how to wash my hands one more time, I’m going to hurl my chair at the screen!


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