Don’t Let Your Fears Stand In The Way Of Your Dreams…

Don’t Let Your Fears Stand In The Way Of Your Dreams…

We’ve reached the end of an immensely successful summer season, and over 60 people – mainly Americans – have made the journey over to Kenya, and have absolutely no regrets. Here are some interesting points, which many of our visitors mentioned:

* Where Covid is concerned, flying internationally is a lot safer than flying within America. The protocols are thorough; they are rigidly adhered to. The planes are cleaner…and everyone flying within them has been cleared with a negative PCR test prior to boarding. Similarly, airports you transit through – especially Middle Eastern hubs like Dubai, Doha and Abu Dhabi are super-clean, and take Covid very seriously. The new Kenya Airways Dreamliner now flies directly from New York to Nairobi, and is an excellent way of reaching Kenya.

* Tropical Ice makes Covid protocol easy! You are met upon arrival in Nairobi, and guided through Covid requirements, immigration, and customs. At the end of your safari, we arrange for your PCR tests, at a time that complies with your departure (see photo above).

* Our safaris place you in an automatic Covid-free bubble. The other members of your group have all taken the same Covid precautions as yourself to arrive in Kenya. They are all negative.

* All of our visitors agree that it is time to place fears on the back-burner, and start living again. We’ve been sitting around now for almost two years! There’s a world out there waiting…and where Covid is concerned, remember that most countries are much safer than the United States.

Now check out these images from the safaris we’ve just completed:

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