Safari in the time of COVID:

Updated January 12, 2022


Tropical Ice has been monitoring and addressing the ongoing COVID-19 situation over the past 18 months.  


We seem to be living in a relative Covid-free bubble here in Kenya, and sometimes it’s difficult to rationalise this, especially when we look at the state of the rest of the world.  Our death toll from the virus is just over 5,000, and we believe there are good reasons for this.  About 90% of our population is under the age of 40, and the vast majority of the people in our cities take it very seriously, adhering to specific precautions such as mask-wearing in public places, and social distancing. 


There has been very little impact in our rural areas.  The Kenya government has done very well so far during this pandemic, understanding that total lockdown simply wouldn’t work for a population where most people live off very little. 



You will need to have a negative PCR-based COVID-19 test result carried out within 72 hours before departure.  Carry a hard copy of your negative PCR test result that has been stamped by the test centre, as well as a hard copy of the official receipt, in case of payment for the PCR test.


As of 24th December 2021 there is a new directive in Kenya stating that ALL passengers travelling to Kenya are required to register and upload their PCR test results and Vaccine Certificate on before boarding.


All foreign travellers entering Kenya will now need to have a Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate.  This is expected to take effect from the 21st December 2021.


Before travelling, you will need to fill in the online COVID-19 Travellers Health Surveillance form.  Passengers will then receive a QR code, which you will be required to show to Port Health officials before proceeding to immigration.  This has to be filled in from a non-Apple device due to a glitch in the system.


Visitors from most countries (this includes the United States) are exempt from quarantine.  Here is the Complete List of countries exempted from quarantine.


All travellers originating their travel, or transiting, through the following countries will be required to undergo a free arrival rapid antigen test at point of entry.

1) South Africa 2) Botswana 3) Zimbabwe 4) Malawi 5) Eswatini 6) Lesotho 7) Namibia 8) Mozambique 9) Zambia 10) Malawi 11) Ghana 12) Nigeria


The Government of Kenya has confirmed that all persons departing Kenya must be in compliance with the COVID-19 testing and entry requirement for their destination and transit countries.  Tropical Ice will help facilitate your COVID testing prior to departure.


A Trusted Traveller QR code will be generated automatically once you are tested prior to departure.  This code will be sent to you by email separately from your Covid test results.  Please remember to check your spam folder.


We are aware that at-home testing kits are available for travellers returning to the US, UK, and possibly other countries. However, due to involvement with internet videos, we do not advise this option at this point.


Part of the reason why Kenya has weathered this pandemic with relative ease is the consistency and adherence to simple government requirements.  A demonstration of this can be seen in the Airport Authority’s recent video:




We’ve given much thought into how to heighten the safety of our clients, specifically with the pandemic in mind.  What we have found interesting, indeed reassuring, is how the very nature of our safaris – particularly the Great Walk of Africa – naturally places our visitors in a Covid-free bubble.  For 10 days we are in unspoiled wilderness.  Our small private camps are never closer than fifty miles to lodges, villages, or townships.  And, we have complete control over our small band of camp staff.  However, we are enhancing the safety of our clients even more with these additional precautions:


    • We will be emphasising social distancing, both in our vehicles and in our dining tents.  Our Land Rovers will now carry a maximum of 4 passengers; our dining tables will allow for spaced seating.


    • It is now a Kenya government requirement that every staff worker inside a National Park, must be Covid tested in order to allow entry.  Tropical Ice staff will be no exception to this ruling.  They will also wear face masks whilst serving in the dining tent, and whenever in the proximity of our visitors.


    • The hotels we use on our safaris are complying rigidly with the international Covid hotel standards. 


    • As of the 21st December 2021, it will be a requirement to show proof of double vaccination for admission into hotels, bars and restaurants, national parks, and game reserves. 


NOTE: The above information is valid as of today, January 12th, 2022.  As this is a continuously evolving situation, we are monitoring and will be updating on a weekly basis.  If you have ANY questions, we are here to help.  Please email us at any time:

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